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Even more than 3000 years ago the wooden floor was made use of, but only in the 16th century people began to use different colours of wood and put them together to samples for floors. One century later the parquet is known and popular as an important part of decorative rooms. At the beginning, however, it is seen only at very rich people. The costly procedure of manufacturing made it unaffordable for ordinary people. That is why it was only found in castles in those days.

Because of its creative and art minded design possibilities the parquet floor became more and more popular and wanted during the following years. However, it remained a luxury article at that time, and it was only meant for the high society. Only the later production of smallest parquets in manufactures and the simplification of laying it made the parquet floor also affordable for ordinary people. The development of abrasion solid and maintainable means of sealing completed the success story, and made parquet to one of the most popular kinds of floors.

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